Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blood Angels 1750 List - Update 3

Hey everybody!

So it's been a busy five days as far as modeling and painting goes. I've been pretty productive, and in fact the biggest constraint on finishing my army is waiting for models I've ordered to actually arrive at my independent retailer.

So what's changed since my last update? Assault squads! Added the third and final one to the list! I also finally finished my marine with the lascannon, and I assembled and painted an 11th marine with a meltagun just to add some extra options to the unit.

Currently I'm painting my 4th rhino which should be done either tonight or tomorrow, and after that I'll just need a Furioso Dreadnaught, a box of Death Company w/rhino, Dante, and three Ball Predators. I also need to finish painting Brother Corbs. Poor Corbs.

The one thing I'm starting to dread is the prospect of applying all the water transfers to the army - I'm nervous about screwing up, and transfers seem like they'd be difficult to undo. I foresee a long, long night of tweezers and squinting - but I'm saving that for the very end. I'll rebase them first. Here's my latest video update:

Man, I want to play!