Monday, April 6, 2009

More Progress - And Another Video

Hey everyone! Another quick update here. I've finished my second rhino, which brings my total army to:

2 Assault Squads
2 Rhinos
1 Tactical Squad w/Lascannon
Brother Corbulo

Here's a pic of my updated rhinos and assault squads in all their glory, guarding the top of my computer case for the Emperor.

It's not bad for a start. Though I'm building a 1750 army, my goal is to have a playable 1000 point list before the entire army is finished, just so I can get some damn games in! The 1k list I'm thinking of is as follows:

Brother Corbulo (100)
Furioso Dreadnought w/Extra Armor (115)
Death Company (4 models) + Rhino (70)
Tactical Squad w/Lascannon (135)
Assault Squad w/Rhino + Extra Armor x2 (155 each)
Baal Predator w/HB spons, Extra Armor, SB (135)

Total Cost: 995

That's a base list I'm thinking about -- though I might drop the SB on the Baal Pred and put extra armor on the DC rhino - not sure yet. Any thoughts? Keep in mind it's been over a decade since I've built a 40k list.

I've given all of this a quick once-over on a YouTube video. Enjoy!